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Sony Launches “For The Music,” A New Audio Brand Platform Putting Creator Vision First

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As the pre-eminent platform for creative freedom, Sony Corporation announced its new “For The Music” brand platform and campaign for its premier audio products and services.

Sony Music Entertainment and Grammy Award-winning artist Miguel will be the first artist “For The Music” will support with a brand spot and campaigns for the WF-1000XM5 headphones and X-Series wireless speakers. Available to watch here, the campaign launch video directed by Liam McRae features Miguel scaling a skyscraper before breaking through the building’s glass walls, a concept fully developed by Miguel and brought to life by Sony’s audio. Symbolic of his next era in music, the video also exemplifies Sony’s intention to support creators like Miguel as they seek to break through creative barriers and connect directly with fans.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of having complete trust and belief in something when you have an idea as crazy as this,” says Miguel. “I’m amped about what we created together with ‘For The Music’ and can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

For over 70 years, Sony has built a committed relationship with creators in the field of music production and has been an ever present bridge connecting creators and consumers with its audio products, delivering authentic music experiences worldwide. Sony is building off of this legacy by putting creator vision first as a means of providing artists and fans with the most immersive music experiences and has recently partnered with various Sony Music artists including SZA, Khalid, Tate McRae and more to bring creative visions to life.

Sony’s “For The Music” audio brand platform will foster end-to-end collaboration with artists, from creation to consumption of music. Most notably, “For The Music” will champion artist development, supporting creative endeavors including specialty content, activations, experiences and more, all to benefit music fans. Additionally, the platform will facilitate artist access and input on professional products (Professional Headphones and Microphones) and tools (such as 360 Reality Audio and 360 Virtual Mixing Environment) to improve content creation approaches, and to enhance listening experiences for fans through consumer products (such as Headphones, Wireless speakers).

“‘For The Music’ is about putting creator vision over everything to benefit music fans. Our goal is to help empower artists to deliver the most authentic and enriching music experiences to their fans from start-to-finish. Whether through the products used to create the music (in-studio or at home) to the products consumers use to enjoy the music to an artist’s creative vision being transformed into an experience, ‘For The Music’ is the bridge connecting artists and fans as an extended creative partner,” says Jordy Freed, Head of Brand & Business Development + Partner Marketing & Strategy, Personal Entertainment Business in Sony Corporation of America. “With the launch of this campaign, we’re excited to support Miguel in transforming a concept straight out of his imagination into reality.”

As part of the campaign launch, Sony and Miguel will partner on various giveaways, VIP experiences and sweepstakes to further connect fans to their favorite artists, including a sweepstakes for 5 lucky winners to come as VIP guests to Miguel’s upcoming album and “For the Music” campaign launch party in Los Angeles, California. To enter, visit

From the producer who hears in color, to the songwriter who thinks in melody, Sony is “For The Music.” This platform offers a dedicated space for conversations and exchange, aiming to create authentic music experiences by supporting creator vision over everything. To learn more about the For the Music Brand platform, please visit

Source: Sony


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